New digs

The guinea fowl spent the past 2 weeks in quarantine and appear healthy, so last weekend we moved them and the chickens into their winter quarters in the barn. They are separated by a temporary fence in the pen until they get to know each other better, then they will share the space. The chickens are still let out to free-range during the day (and occasionally sneak back to their old field house to lay an egg) but the guineas won’t be allowed out for another few weeks until they learn their new home.

new pen

Feed room

Larry finished building the walls for the feed room today. We plan to put a door on it, but want to finish building the second stall and install the electric first. The second stall will house the chickens this winter, (they’ll get a new coop next year,) and serve as a kidding pen in the future. At least we now have all the critter’s food and water in one place which should make feeding time easier.


Putting up hay

We finally got the roof cap on so we decide to take a break from the barn work this weekend to get our hay supply in. A neighboring farm was selling good quality square bales of 2nd cutting orchard grass. (The goats loved their sample bale.) We had to make three trips with our little wagon, but managed to get all 120 bales stored away. Feel ready for winter now.